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About Us

Established in 2011 to develop robotic systems, Esetron manufactures operator control units for light class unmanned land vehicles (UAV), unmanned aerial (UAV), ground (UGV), surface vehicles (USV) and control stations for electro-optical systems. Our company also has unmanned conversion kits for land and surface vehicles.

ESETRON is a dynamic company that produces solutions for developing robotic systems. Using technology correctly; We serve in the Defense Industry sector with the vision of developing domestic products.

ESETRON, which designs and manufactures unique products by keeping the user experience and quality factors at the top in sectors that shape the future such as the Defense Industry and Autonomous Vehicles, has also aimed to meet the customer needs at the highest level by using different production technologies with its structure that is intertwined with the industry.

Our main capabilities include Embedded System Software and Design, Electronic Card Design and Manufacturing, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, IOT Technologies and System Design.

The design and production of our products are carried out by our expert engineers. With our engineers with different expertise, the company is in an advantageous position in terms of versatility and development.

Unique solutions are offered to both end users and defense industry companies.